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Many people tend to go really cheap to buy a printer, but in the end could end up costing more. Although inkjet printers can be cheap compared to the cost of replacement ink can increase the total cost of ownership over time.
You know what I mean, sometimes it’s printer ink.

The prices for ink cartridges for the printer you’re considering and how many pages of each print cartridge. Once you know the number of printed pages per month, you can determine the cost of printer ink for a year. Consider getting individual cartridges if you know you need
color more than others – for example, if many documents you have a red logo or print mostly in black and white.

Manufacturers often list faster print speed specifications on the package of what we see during the performance test. A typical inkjet printer can produce pages per minute 3:58 for the full text and page, 8.5 x 11 inch photo or two or three minutes.

Some color inkjet can print photos at a level that approached the quality of professional photo developing service. If you are using a printer primarily for photos or images, look for models that are built for it. If you print mostly
picture, looking for photo printers with features such as a PC Card slot, an LCD panel that lets you view and print images without using a PC and the included software to edit images.

When printing text documents, in particular, consider buying a laser printer in black and black is cheap. These printers provide superior text quality to high-end inkjet printers. Some monochrome laser printer costs as little as $ 200, so a good deal for
home users. If you need to print large amounts of text and graphics quality, the purchase of an inkjet printer is a good photo, as well as a mono laser printer cost low ink can save on maintenance costs and long-term Instead of buying an inkjet to do everything.

Many black and white laser printers are equipped with an Ethernet port for networking options. If you use a printer with a PC, do not pay extra for an ethernet card.

Color laser printer toner runs out you can buy a more expensive printer, but the performance is much larger than an inkjet cartridge that, in the long run, color laser toner is less expensive than a page for each.

If you are running a graphics department, but still want to print in color, most likely choose an inkjet printer, which can create charts in a tenth of the cost of color laser. However, keep in mind that inkjet ink at low prices quickly defeated by the cost of replacement ink.

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