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Making Better Life with Technology

Recent advances in technology have made it possible to live in a way never before possible. Access to a wealth of information on the Internet for only an enrichment of personal life, technology continues to push the limits of our everyday life. It is undoubtedly true that technology is an important part of our daily […]

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Technology Makes Your Life Changes

The Century 20 offers a turning point with regard to new technologies and inventions that make a 360 degrees between human life. The current generation of technology to help people be more productive and give them the opportunity to be more creative. Whether in the promotion of education, business, medicine, communication and education that truly benefit humanity. […]

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3D TV For Video Games

As we move into the next decade, there has been a revolution in the way of watching TV and playing video games. Twenty years ago, some thought that Mario or Link jump off the screen in the way they are today. As the company has developed a video game, and start using the benefits of 3D TVs, […]

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Very Smart Home

It takes a former IBM employee to design his home as an IBM mainframe system. But, although the concept may seem early 22 th century, after you give ‘a little thinking, design home as you design the Big Iron can not be so far fetched. I realized this when I visited John Patrick, who has retired to […]

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